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Innogroup Tourismus



In the tourism industry, immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are widely known. Various applications and experiences enhance visits and entertain travelers. But this technology’s potential is far from reaching mainstream use and its developments are still often too specific, thus insufficiently geared at the general public. Networks of sites and active players do not yet exist.

The Innogroup Tourism gathers Swiss entities related to the tourism industry (B2B), either content-creating companies or client organizations. It also fosters the development and implementation of AR/VR solutions in this field and boosts research projects between all involved actors. The Innogroup takes advantage of the already-existing contact networks of HES-SO Valais-Wallis and Virtual Switzerland for national and international e-tourism and TICs.

The Innogroup Tourism and its network will create the visibility the AR/VR offer is currently lacking, thanks to an AR map which lists all content-creating companies (art schools, freelance developers, etc) and client organizations (tourism offices, museums, etc). The large public can thus look up on the map for the adapted AR/VR offer that responds to one’s specific needs or wishes.

The mapmaking of all tourism actors proposing AR/VR offers will foster visibility and interconnections.

  • AR/VR developers in Switzerland (academic labs, art schools, privately-owned companies, etc)
  • Touristic actors
  • (AR/VR customers) Visitors, tourists, and excursionists


Each of the three types above will be granted a differentiated access with distinct information.

Touristic Actors

Museums, tourism offices or any other touristic actor can, just as the general public, gain access to the existing AR/VR offers. In addition, they also may consult multidimensional data regarding content-creating companies and their AR/VR solutions (localization, contacts, etc). This data set can also be used as a marketing monitoring tool.

Content-creating Companies/Developers

All AR/VR professionals with online references of solutions developed for touristic entities are listed in a registry, which helps all published profiles find business partners. It also contributes to gather information, thus acting as a technical watch for the industry.

Visitors/Tourists – General Public

Visitors can find localized touristic activities including AR/VR, view previews/trailers of those, among other practical information such as GPS coordinates, prices, timetables, etc. There is also the possibility to assess each offer and give feedbacks.


Those three layers overlap in order to allow content-creating companies and end-users to extract all interconnected information useful for their projects, marketing strategy, or industrial/technical watch.