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Integrated local positioning platform for building indoor location-based services


In this project, we consider the general problem of tracking a large volume of mobile entities, and the ways giving efficient and appropriate access to the collected information. Our final goal is to provide a development platform, enabling application developer to efficiently develop location based services.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Develop an indoor positioning system with a location accuracy of several meters, being easy to install, light in maintenance, low in power consumption and low-priced. (Tracking Indoor RSSI).
  • Develop an indoor positioning system with high accuracy of several centimeters (Tracking Indoor TOF).
  • Develop a Middleware, gathering location information of any type of Indoor Positioning System and expose them through a universal and easy to use API to the application developer (Middleware LBS).

HES-SO Valais is in charge for the development of the low power, low cost indoor tracking system. Since existing wireless communication technologies like RF-ID, ZigBee, WiFi and others have not entirely been conceived for indoor tracking purposes, they are not well suited for our needs. Hence we are working on a proprietary, “Received Signal Strength” based solution, fulfilling requirements as low cost, low power, localization accuracy, robustness, reliability and easy deployment and maintenance.

This project is developed jointly by the HES-SO and the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

Prof. Riad Kanan has invented and patented technology for designing low-power mobile nodes for indoor localization system.