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Out of the lab: Multi-spectral microcope device


We have designed and built a microscope able to acquire 8 images within a fraction of seconds at different color (from 385nm to 785nm). SMD-LEDs are attached on the inner surface of a cone and illuminate sequentially a surface. A Labview software controls the image acquisition and the illumination.

  • Modul size: 7 cm x 8 cm x 12 cm
  • Camera: N&B without NIR filter, 744 x 480 pixels of 6µm by 6µm size
  • Field of view: 4 mm x 2.6 mm
  • Light spectra: 8 color from 385±15 nm to 875±15 nm
  • Acquisition time: 0.8s to 1.2s
  • External requirement: PC with a dedicated LabVIEW software