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Shahzad Ali, Gianluca Rizzo, Marco Ajmone Marsan, Balaji Rengarajan
Name der Konferenz, Ort und Datum
MobiHoc 2013, Bengalore (India) von 29.07.2013 bis 01.08.2013

In this work, we present a simple (in that it uses few primitive system parameters), approximate analytical model for the performance analysis of context-aware applications that use floating content. From a system design perspective, our analysis can be used to tune key system parameters so as to achieve the desired application performance. In particular, we apply our analysis to estimate the "success probability" for two representative categories of context-aware applications, and show how the system can be configured to achieve the application’s target. In order to complement our analytical study, we validate our model using extensive simulations under different settings and mobility patterns. Our simulation results show that our model-based predictions are indeed highly accurate under a wide range of conditions.