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Model-Driven European Paediatric Digital Repository


MD-PAEDIGREE will aim at validating and advancing patient-specific computer-based predictive models of six paediatric pathologies (cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular disease risk in young obese patients, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Type 3 spinal muscular atrophy, hemiplegic cerebral palsy, and Duchenne dystrophy) beyond the current state of the art such that they evolve into a mature piece of technology that will be accepted by healthcare professionals.

Of special interest to the HES-SO is the development of a novel digital repository that will implement the Service-Oriented Knowledge Utility (SOKU) vision during the course of MD PAEDIGREE.

The repository will form the basis of an innovative model-driven Infostructure that will enable healthcare professionals with a web-based tool to access a vast amount of heterogeneous and multimodal patient data at the point of care. That information, coupled with patient-specific information, can subsequently be used to make more informed decisions regarding the treatment that will lead to the best possible outcome for a particular patient.