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Development of an intelligent matching web platform to help the Chinese and Swiss IT SMEs match their competences, needs, offers, and joint activities intelligently to help them find their suitable customer or partnership group in a friendly localized user environment.


The goal of this project is to develop a platform where potential partners on the Swiss and Chinese markets could meet and deal together. After describing their activities and publishing their needs or interests in their mother tongue, users have the possibility to search a specific partner or product by using a semantic search engine.

Softcust Intelligent Matching Platform presents a novel multilinguistic semantic communication for automated information management through a friendly localized platform. The multilingual semantic search system integrates directly disambiguation and analyses automatically each profile and domain description. The project has created new ontologies, which support the exchange multilinguistic semantically enriched messages: English, Chinese and French (easily extendable to other languages).

SoftCust will facilitate to support the localization of Swiss software in China and to adapt to the requirements of the Chinese market. This platform will be an interface between enterprises and markets both from China and Switzerland and will allow the HES-SO to be the main interlocutor.

The project has allowed us to improve competencies on semantic search and matching. We have developed a system which can deal with classical and semantic search technologies to improve results.