The research group BIOTECHNOLOGY & SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY works on biotechnological, analytical, and chemical innovations to provide sustainable solutions. Its activities are divided into 3 main research topics:

Advanced Bioprocess Engineering

  • Bioprocesses and biocatalytic system design; scale-up 
  • Intra- and extracellular targets; preparative purification
  • Automated USP and DSP control strategies
  • Cell line development and production
  • Derivatization of biomolecules

Data acquisition, analysis and modeling

  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data mining with tailored algorithms
  • USP and DSP simulations
  • Pharmaceutical analysis (development and routine (ISO 17025))
  • (Bio)analytical assay development; complex sample preparation; derivatization strategies
  • Bioinformatics

Energy systems and sustainable resources

  • Biobased materials and biofuels
  • Power to X-technologies
  • Chemical and biofuel cells
  • Syngas, CO2, and organic waste valorization
  • Biorefinery platforms: Conception and prototyping
  • Phosphate recovery from waste

Senior researchers

  • Simon Crelier, PhD  
    Food waste valorization, DSP of proteins, Microencapsulation, Biosorption
  • Christoph Ellert,  PhD 
    Plasma technology, Power-t-X technologies, Organic waste valorization, Energy and gas systems design
  • Fabian Fischer, PhD
    Microbial fuel cells, Wastewater treatment, Biophotovoltaics, Power-t-X technologies 
  • Nils Hanik, PhD
    Bioprocess data science, Bioprocess digitalization, Industry 4.0, Sustainable polymers from renewable resources
  • Franka Kalman, PhD
    Endotoxin quantification and removal, Separation sciences incl. capillary electrophoresis and derivatization of (bio-)analytes, (Bio-)Analytics, Pharmaceuticals analysis
  • Matthias Rüdt
    PAT in USP and DSP, e.g. Raman, Pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • Sergio Schmid, PhD
    Molecular biology, Microbial cell engineering, PCR and qPCR method development
  • Manfred Zinn, PhD
    Bioprocess design, Gas fermentations and biorefinery, Biopolymers, Biobased materials