The CAS will develop your skills to the senior management level, giving you the knowledge and ability to address and meet strategic challenges. The professional management program will mainly focus on the development of high-level soft skills, which are of particular importance for revenue leaders in a senior position. This certification will also ensure that you have the hard competencies needed to succeed when working in a senior management role, where revenue optimization is one of your key responsibilities.

Module 1 (online) – Revenue Management Function / Communication & Conflict Management (3 ECTS) - September 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th.  

  • Make an inventory of elements and practices of revenue management applied in your company
  • Identify the potential of revenue optimisation within your business and estimate its financial impact
  • Assess performance measurements and design the most appropriate long- and short-term dashboard
  • Drive a strong revenue management culture within the entire business
  • Improve and support internal and external collaboration and communication

Module 2 (online) – Total Revenue Management (TRM) (3 ECTS) - October 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th. 

  • Assess current market segmentation and develop a more effective and unifiel approach
  • Evaluate past, current and future total revenue management goals and strategies
  • Assess the value of integrating CRM, TRM and marketing analytics for the optimisation of business profit
  • Identify empowerment opportunities for staff to improve TRM further

Module 3 (online) –  Turning Insight into Action: Data Analytics & Data Strategy (3 ECTS). 

  • Use your baseline data to develop a data visualisation (dashboard)
  • Determine the appropriate set of KPIs to use to communicate to your peer, senior, junior teams to scale up a TRM strategy

Module 4 (to be held in Sierre, Switzerland) – Revenue Leadership (3 ECTS). 

  • Design team frameworks for contemporary business
  • Develop yourself as a team coach
  • Build and promote a long term vision
  • Use data visualisation to inspire and motivate others
  • Negotiate and influence others

Module 5 – Final Certificate Work (2 ECTS). 

Evidence an improvement in the commercial performance in your organisation by:

  • Applying the learnings from the previous 4 modules to a Revenue Management development projet for your organisation.
  • Integrating assignments from each module into the final certificate work (as outlined below).
  • Developing your leadership, managerial communication and team development skills