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Alves Bruno, Schumacher Michael, Cretton Fabian, Le Calvé Anne, Cherix Gilles, Werlen David, Gapany Christian, Baeryswil Betrand, Gerber Doris, Cloux Philippe
Name der Konferenz, Ort und Datum
ICEIS 2013, Angers (France) von 04.07.2013 bis 07.07.2013

This paper presents solutions that leverage Semantic Web Technologies (SWT) to allow pragmatic traceability in supply-chains, especially for the textile industry. Objectives are the identification of the supply-chain, order management, tracking and problem reporting (such as dangerous substance detection). It is intended to be a generic platform supporting potentially any kind of industrial supply-chain, to be usable in harsh environments (mobile appliances) without any kind of communications possibility and to be fully usable to non-IT people, including for the modeling of the production processes. The developed solutions also allow the consumer to benefit from the traceability through information pages available by scanning the QR codes available on the finished products (clothes, clocks, etc.).