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Von 02-02-2020 bis 05-02-2020

Geometry of Complex Webs 2020

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Geometry of Complex Webs 2020 © GeoCoW
Geometry of Complex Webs 2020

This event intends to bring together international researchers from various backgrounds and interests, all of which related to geometric aspects of complex webs. Hence, the targeted audience includes, but is not restricted to, mathematicians (theoretical and applied), life scientists, computer scientists, and engineers. We intend to deepen connections between universities and universities of applied sciences (HES/FH), as well as between swiss and international researchers.

The first part of the event consists in a 1-day minicourse on deep learning on graphs and manifolds, designed as an introduction for students, young researchers, as well any interested participant. 

The second part of the event is a 3-days exploratory workshop, whose main goal is to start synergies and collaborations between people with complementary skills, leading to new lines in fundamental and applied research.

A special effort will be made to allocate time for social interactions and networking. To this end, we will have a poster session and a problem session, as well as a social activity and a workshop dinner.