Hes-so Valais


Hubert joined the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) as a professor in Hydro Power Scheduling in September 2018. He shares his time between courses given to students of the HES-SO and the research in the field of integrating hydro power in the current and future power system in an efficient way.

Hubert Abgottspon studied electrical engineering from 2004-2009, receiving both his Bachelor and Master diploma from the ETH Zurich with the specialization of energy and power electronics.

Afterwards, there was the possibility to establish a PhD-project in the field of hydro power optimization at the Power Systems Laboratory at the ETH Zurich. Together with the industry partners EGL AG and BKW AG, different real-world problems were tackled. With the help of further developed state-of-the-art optimization methods, more meaningful and computationally more efficient hydro power scheduling optimizations were constructed.

After a research stay at NTNU and Sintef in Norway, he received his PhD in 2015.

After the PhD, Hubert was working at Axpo Trading AG in the modeling and optimization group. There, he supported the team with insights in the short- and medium term hydro scheduling algorithms and how to make optimization results more usable for the front team. While continuing his work with Axpo part-time, in September 2016, he joined the SI-lab team at Hes-so for the two-year CTI-project “ScaleADS”.

The experiences gained in application and construction of optimization techniques for the hydro power industries enables him to further adapt and develop hydro power planning tools further and to analyze different ways, how hydro power can be integrated in current and future power systems.