HADES is a computing cluster consisting of 10 Dell Precision Rack R79x0 workstations. Each workstation consists of 2 CPUs associated with 192 GB of RAM. The total number of physical cores available is equal to 284, the total RAM is 1920 GB and the available disk space is 14 TB SSD. The management of the computing cluster is based on a cloud approach using the open source OpenStack manager. This manager allows users to configure a virtual machine adapted to their needs and is reconfigurable at will, which offers great flexibility of use. For example, the operating system is not fixed, which allows the use of software designed for Linux, Windows, etc.

The HADES computing cluster is dedicated in particular to high performance computing applications in the fields of :

  • Simulation of fluid flows related to hydroelectric production such as flows in turbines, pumps, free surface channels, etc.
  • Modeling of large electricity transmission and distribution networks, simulation of power flows on these networks and study of the stability of these flows.

This infrastructure is used by the Institute of Systems Engineering and of Sustainable Energy.

Kontakt: Jean Decaix