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Based upon the long term Swiss E-Government strategy (E-Government-Strategie Schweiz, 2007), several projects have been launched by the HES-SO to enable public administrations to use the benefits of BPM and increase their BPM maturity. The general acceptance and progress are perceptible, but important impulses have yet to be supplied.

This project links directly to an existing project, the ech-bpm platform which was designed to enable public administrations to share and discuss their process models. Its main research goal is to find out, how and to what extent sample processes can be generated using existing BPMN models by analyzing their structure. This project aims at encouraging public administrations to use and adapt supplied sample processes to their specific needs thus harmonizing how tasks are handled in different communes. The second goal is to supply suitable methods for import and export of these models to different modeling tools.

More specifically, Semantic technologies and Linked data are applied to make a comparison of the processes based on the labels of their elements. By linking the labels to the terms of a multilingual ontology, new similarities can be found based on translations and synonyms for instance. Moreover, the hyponymy structure of the terms in the ontology is used to generate abstract representations of the processes.