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Rice grain quality control with Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Bühler AG.

Sortex - Sorting Machine from Bühler

The Swiss company Bühler called the DUDE-Lab to developp an algorithm to improve the sorting quality for rice grain of their industrial machine.
Thanks to the Active Learning methodology, the DUDE-Lab developped this algorithm with a strong involvement of the human expertise. 

The rice is the staple food for more than the half of the world population. In order to be sold, the rice have to be sorted and cleaned from external materials. Bühler has developped an industrial machine that can sort up to 20 tons of rice/hour.

Out of this sorting process, a control quality process is executed, mainly by a human. With our process, a camera and an algorithm, are doing this quality control to help the human. A picture of rice grains is taken and a classification result is provided to the rice expert. This expert is able to correct the classification and decide if the industrial sorting machine needs adaptation. Furthermore, this correction is taken in account by the algorithm to improve himself.