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Electrical and electromechanical energy conversion.

The areas of expertise of the team include modelling, designing and producing static converters, electrical machines and actuators, and the corresponding control systems.

When doing research, the team applies a systemic approach, which enables it to integrate conversion devices which have been tested within complex systems. This is particularly important in the context of new energy distribution networks, renewable energies and sustainable development.

The production of prototypes is also possible with the available infrastructure. Tests, measurements and performance analyses of complex systems enable complete characterisations to be made, which include aspects such as efficiency, reliability and EMC testing in a range from watts to several hundred kilowatts.

Research areas

  • Power electronics: converters, characterisation of semiconductor components, passive elements, modelling and dimensioning of systems, conversion devices, modularity, thermal engineering, efficiency, protective devices, parameter measurements, circuit design
  • EMC: instrumentation, metrology, troubleshooting, standardisation studies
  • Industrial electronics: design of control systems, real-time emulation of conversion systems, development of digital control platforms, real-time control
  • Electromechanical conversion: modelling, dimensioning and simulation of electromagnetic systems, special machines, design, realisation and testing, analysis of losses specific to electric machines, thermal analyses, test benches and metrology.
  • System integration: integration of conversion elements into complex systems, influence of the renewable energies on the quality of the network tension, harmonic studies, stability, voltage compensation, management of electrochemical storage systems.


  • EMC laboratory (pre-compliance), shielded room
  • Industrial electronics laboratory
  • Laboratory for electric machines

Applications – aR&D projects

  • Health sector: GlobalDiagnostiX, Colibri
  • Charging device for supercondensors (in partnership with JOSEF BETSCHART AG)
  • Serial compensator
  • AC/DC interface for DC bus (GridLab)
  • Development of synchronous generators for microturbines (DUOTURBO)
  • Analysis of the spectral grid impedance (IGOR-Meter)


  • Training and continuous development
  • Commissioned research
  • Evaluation of performance and CEM