The interdisciplinary approach of the SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS team is driven by consumer needs, expectations, preferences and the required change of food systems to mitigate climate change. 

Our interdisciplinary team of experts work in different fields related to food technology, food microbiology, chemistry, physics and consumer sciences to achieve sustainability goals and provide healthy and nutritious diets for all.

Food process development

  • Product design and formulation 
  • Pilot scale processing
  • Equipment design 
  • Process modelling
  • Processing of microbial, microalgal and plant biomass (proteins) 
  • Valorisation of industrial by-products
  • Modulation of functional components 
  • Food safety concepts

Food analytics

  • Advanced microbial technologies such as qPCR and next-generation sequencing  
  • Identification of bioavailability, bioactivity and metabolism (Foodomics)
  • In vitro modelling of digestion and gut microbiome
  • Systems biology 
  • Physical properties of food systems
  • Sensory analysis

Senior researchers

Beyrer Michael
Professor UAS, Prof. Dr. Michael Beyrer