Missions and contact

One of the main missions of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis is to enhance synergy between the worlds of business and academia. Therefore, we have a dedicated Business and Institutional Services Team that refers all requests from organisations, companies or institutions to the appropriate department(s). This single point of contact ensures that you can be directed to the right people quickly and efficiently. You will have the opportunity to discuss your problem, project idea, contract or research idea directly with an expert in the field, who will propose a partnership or other alternatives to help you bring your project to fruition.

The Business and Institutional Services Team also offers various other services, such as a partner jobs platform (a place to publish internship offers, jobs, summer jobs, or volunteer requirements), continuing professional development courses (with both off-the-shelf and tailor-made courses available), and business events (workshops, events, networking).

Key goals

  • Enhancing synergy between the worlds of business and academia
  • Creating a go-to service for businesses seeking expertise
  • Providing services for companies, institutions and external partners

Services offered

  • Connecting you with the right service or contact person
  • Providing a catalogue of services for companies/institutions according to their specific fields of activity
  • Access to a global careers platform


The Business and Institutional Services Team will be more than happy to provide you with information, share ideas, and discuss anything you have a query about.  

✆ +41 58 606 90 37 (Mon/Wed/Fri)  
✆ +41 58 606 91 17 (Tue/Thurs/Fri) 


As a centre of excellence that serves the canton, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis strives to develop and strengthen a culture of interdisciplinary cooperation both within and outside its walls. With this in mind, it has defined three key areas for development that are in line with the canton’s priorities and that will help position HES-SO Valais-Wallis as a leader both in Switzerland and internationally. These three priority areas are health, regional development, and age and intergenerational relationships. We are bringing together the expertise of our various institutes to produce innovative projects in these areas.