In the course of their training, students choose their specialisations in their final year and work using a project-based learning approach. Students acquire skills in the following areas throughout their studies: tourism, finance, digitalisation, management, communication, sustainability, marketing, languages, soft skills (including emotional intelligence, leadership and cognitive flexibility), entrepreneurship and political economy. Skills that they must use to carry out business projects, under the supervision of professors who are specialists in the field.

Would you like to work with our students on a project for your company or institution ?

Do not hesitate to contact us at , we will have a first contact and you will receive more information.

Proposed topics


Depends on the requirements of the project.

Period of analysis and submission of the project
  • From the end of February to the end of June (spring semester), and/or
  • From September to the end of January (autumn semester), and/or
  • September to June, depending on the project scope and type of project.
How it works

Each project is allocated to one or more groups of students or to a student-run company depending on the project topic.

  • When working with student-run companies:  fixed fee (between CHF 250 and CHF 1'000, depending on the type and scope of the work, plus expenses). 
  • In the case of specialisation options and integration modules: expenses only, plus the cost of any prize or reward your organisation wishes to give the students.

If you require any further information, please contact: