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Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hagens

Full professor UAS
Office ENP 19.N305

Dr. Gerrit Hagens obtained his PhD in molecular biology from the University of Berne and soon after managed a research group at the University of Geneva. In 2000 he was hired by Serono International and became a member of Serono’s core team where he managed all strategic projects of the Neurology Business Unit. Most important projects included development of a new Rebif`clone to satisfy worldwide Rebif demand, and the clinical trial in the US which resulted in the marketing authorisation from the FDA. In 2004 Gerrit was appointed COO and President of ExcellGene, a company specialised in manufacturing process development of biologics, and in 2008 he became COO of RiboVax focussing on development of monoclonal antibodies. In 2008 he also co-founded NatiMab (R&D monoclonal antibodies) and in 2010 he joined BioXpress where he headed project management. 

Since Janaury 2017 Gerrit Hagens is Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO // Valais - Wallis). Gerrit's interests include:

  • Cell line and Manufacturing process development
  • Cell- and Immunotherapy
  • Recombinant production and biosimilars
Hagens Gerrit