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Bachelor’s programme in Tourism

Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) in Tourism

Collaboration with companies, institutions and external partners

There are many opportunities for companies, institutions and external partners to collaborate with the Tourism Degree Programme.

These may be business projects developed by a group of students or by a company-school under the supervision of professors specializing in the field, a bachelor's thesis or mandates for services and applied research projects (carried out by the Tourism Institute).

Business projects and bachelor's thesis - Win-win strategy

You allow students to work on a concrete project - your company/destination benefits directly from the result.

As part of their training, students choose their specialization options in their final year and work according to a project-based learning logic. Throughout their academic program, they acquire skills in the following areas: tourism / finance / digitalization / management / communication / sustainability / marketing / languages / soft skills (emotional intelligence-leadership-cognitive flexibility) / entrepreneurship / political economy.

Depending on your needs, students work under the supervision of a UAS professor to provide you with the required services. If your project is more of a thematic analysis, the work can be carried out individually by a student in the framework of a Bachelor's thesis.

We would be very happy to discuss your projects and set up the right collaboration for you.


Information Corporate Projects & Companies-Schools: martine.hofstaedter@hevs.ch and catherine.dussex@hevs.ch

Information Bachelor Thesis: blaise.larpin@hevs.ch

Informations Services & Research Projects: info.ito@hevs.ch

Career Center: cdc@hevs.ch


Other services

Employment platform - publication

job platform also allows you to publish student jobs, internship offers or job offers for alumni who have completed their Bachelor's degree in Tourism or in one of the training programs offered at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis.

Terms and conditions Pre-study employment - before entering the Bachelor in Tourism program

Information & publication by clicking on this link: Pre-study employment