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Bachelor’s internships

Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) in Tourism

Pre-study employment Bachelor's internship


The final semester of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism degree programme is set aside for the internship and the production of the Bachelor's thesis.

Every year around 90 students, trained for roles in the management of tourism companies, look for an internship to enable them to apply the theoretical knowledge gained at the School of Management and Tourism.

During the 5 semesters preceding the internship, the study plan provides teaching in business management, marketing, communication, accounting, finance, human resource management, the languages of Switzerland and foreign languages, travel law, sustainable tourism, project management and 3 specialisations depending on the students’ interests (e.g. e-tourism, event management).

General profile of the students:


Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (Business) (maturité professionnelle commerciale) OR equivalent
5 semesters of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism degree programme

Average age


Tourism companies are invited to take part in the students’ training by taking on an intern as part of their team. There are many advantages:

  • The opportunity to discover possible future employees
  • Support for a permanent team for a recurring or one-off project
  • Benefitting from work done as part of a Bachelor's thesis
  • Profiting from the skills of qualified students

Useful information

Start of the internship

From the beginning of the year (January). At the earliest, from the end of the autumn semester course (around 20 December).


The company offering training is free to determine the duration of the internship. The minimum duration is 540 hours, i.e. around 13 weeks full-time.


The internship programme (tasks and responsibilities) should enable the student to apply the knowledge they have acquired.


The company offering training should be in a position to provide supervision for the student throughout the internship.

Bachelor's thesis

In principle, the Bachelor's thesis is undertaken on behalf of the company offering the internship. The subject may be proposed either by the company or by the student.


Important documents

Company internship directive
Internship Agreement

Advertising a Bachelor’s internship opportunity

The Internship Platform enables companies to advertise their internship opportunities, to manage applications and to evaluate the students they take on.

UserGuideInternshipplatform (Partner companies)

Recruitment process

Internship Office

The Internship Office acts as the interface between the companies, the students and the faculty. It is the first point of contact for any queries:
027 606 91 17