Hes-so Valais

Bachelor's degree in Tourism

Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) in Tourism

Founded in 1983 and thus with over three decades of experience in tourism management training, the tourism department proposes a full-time Bachelor's degree course spread out over three years in French, German, and English.

Situated in the heart of a major mountain tourism region, our tourism degree programme is the only one in Switzerland which gives students the choice of studying in French, German or English.  It is also possible to combine combine the languages (60 to 89 credits in a second language) and thereby obtain a bilingual Bachelor's degree in Tourism. 

The strengths of the Bachelor's degree programme in Tourism include the following:

  • A strong focus on practical applications of theoretical concepts
  • In the 5th semester students choose a major and two minor areas of study.
  • The only degree programme in Switzerland to offer students the opportunity to do an internship abroad.
  • Students develop intercultural communication skills.
  • A broad and attractive range of foreign language courses: Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, English.
  • Close collaboration with the Institute of Tourism which carries out research projects and commissioned work students can participate in.