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Bachelor’s Theses Tourism

Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) in Tourism


Students suggest their own subject for the Bachelor’s thesis. In general, they write their thesis during their internship, but there are other options:

Bachelor’s thesis commissioned by:

the internship company

a tourism company (no internship)

You would like to employ a trainee and offer them the opportunity to write their Bachelor’s thesis? You will find all relevant information on the page “companies”.

You are looking for a solution to a problem, are interested in an objective evaluation or would like to receive recommendations based on analyses? Do not hesitate to submit a subject proposal or a research problem. Blaise Larpin, professor in the degree programme Tourism and researcher at the  Institute of Tourism can give you further information on the Bachelor’s theses or your subject proposal.



Access to Bachelor’s theses that have been published in full.

Comments by authors of Bachelor’s theses (with Management Summary):



The last semester of the degree programme Tourism is dedicated to the internship and the Bachelor’s thesis. Every year, around 90 future tourism experts write their thesis. They manage the entire project autonomously, from the definition of the research problem to the public defence of their results.

During their training, students acquire theoretical knowledge in the different subject areas defined in the study plan. In their last year, they can choose three specialist areas from the following options: sports and health tourism, business and cultural tourism, e-tourism, event management, crisis management, business eXperience, design and financing of new tourism products and services, sustainable development and Self-Leadership. The range of subjects for the theses is therefore very broad.  

A Bachelor’s thesis requires approx. 360 hours of work and is aimed at providing a solution to a given problem. The objectives are defined by the company and the student, validated by a jury of professors and then approved by the supervisor of the thesis.