Hes-so Valais


Bachelor of Science HES-SO (BSc) in Business Information Technology

Technology at the service of the economy

Business information technology specialists are multidisciplinary, having developed the skills needed for business information systems, integrating IT technologies with project management.

Business information technology has evolved in line with market trends and is today no longer confined to professions where IT engineers are alone with their computer. The field currently requires an increasing number of managers, analysts and people with excellent communication and all-round skills.


Interface between science and human beings

The Bachelor’s degree programme is made up of various “axes” which enable students to acquire the following skills:

  • Management and communication: understanding the processes of an organisation, the issues involved in project management and the role of communication in a professional structure.
  • Information systems: encompassing all stages, from design to implementation, from the creation of useful services to business activities.
  • Information technologies: acquiring the knowledge needed for modern software development and familiarity with the various platforms and architectures of information systems.
  • School-specific course: studying the latest themes and carrying out innovative projects (cloud computing, mobile development, Agile methodology, etc.). Using role play, students learn to understand clients’ needs and to develop suitable products, while taking account of the constraints encountered in the real world of business.
Students finish by undertaking a Bachelor's thesis, working with businesses/research institutes to facilitate their integration into the world of work.
The Bachelor's degree awarded is recognised by the Confederation and legally protected. This first-cycle higher education degree is worth 180 ECTS credits