Hes-so Valais

Business Administration

47.2% of the GDP in Valais comes from industry, SMEs and craft industries. Innovation, creativity, collaboration, responsibility and sustainability are the key words of the Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration. This practical, bilingual degree programme is backed by the skills of the teaching staff, who divide their time between teaching and research. Based in Sierre, the Business Administration degree programme and the Entrepreneurship & Management research institute combine their resources to provide the best possible training for future executives, and offer their skills to SMEs and larger businesses in Valais and the rest of Switzerland.

This degree programme is taught in French and German.


Language Symposium

Language Symposium

  200 teachers coming from the whole of Switzerland are gathering in Sierre to...

Projet e-Rés@mont

Projet e-Rés@mont

La télémédecine au service des régions de montagne Les instituts Informatique de...

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