Module 2: Social Policies and Welfare Studies (Malmö, Sweden)

Module 2 will be held at the Department of Social Work at the Malmö University in Sweden.

This module deals with social policy and social work organisation in different situations based on a comparative perspective. The practice of social work in an international environment is discussed. Moreover, it focuses on knowledge of various welfare systems in terms of social policy and social work. The course is discussed through different themes, such as children and family, ageing, migration and drug addiction, profession, and education. Furthermore, the course helps to develop the students’ reflections based on their professional identity. Students are expected to reflect critically, analyse, and discuss different aspects of the welfare system, such as social policy, organisation, challenges, and social work in a Swedish and/or other welfare context.

30th of January to 10th of February 2023, Malmö (Sweden)

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