Hes-so Valais


Personalized Recommendation from Polarization to Discovery (IMI)

The main objective of this platform is to show films, series and documentaries produced or co-produced by SRG, in their original version subtitled or dubbed in the four Swiss national languages, in order to promote this audiovisual heritage beyond the regional and linguistic borders that characterize it.

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In Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the correctness of results does not solely depend on the correctness of the delivered value. It also depends on the time taken to deliver such result. In the last...

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Tailored e-Health interventions for behavioral change. We aim at producing a methodology for personalized health that allows profiling patients in order to provide them with targeted support during a behavior change program.

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SwissDAcS (swissuniversities)

Swiss Data Acquisition Service: The main goal of SwissDAcS is to consolidate the Data Acquisition Unit (DAUnit) established at HES-SO Valais-Wallis, and expand it beyond its current scope, in order to transition towards a country-wide service for data acquisition support in the entire UAS researcher community in Switzerland.

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Les défis Les zones de montagne, en particulier celles plus enclavées et moins concernées par le tourisme de masse, ont souffert au cours des dernières décennies d'un progressif...

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