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Green Chemistry

Chemical compounds are power storages for energy produced in excess at times of low demand. Chemicals are useful as short term and seasonal energy storages. In addition chemical and biological catalysts are energy converters for the use of fuels but also for their production.

Applied Research & Development

Analyses of processes in (bio)-chemical fuel production and chemical manufacturing. Development of biotransformation to cut down on energy cost in chemical production. Development of chemical and biochemical methanisation and hydrogenation processes. Bioethanol production and related processes are examined in different on-going projects. We develop tailored solutions for all kind of applied chemical energy research needs.

  • New and improved methanisation processing
  • Development of new hydrogenation reactors
  • Production of biodiesel from microalgae biomass
  • Bioethanol production from winery waste
  • Bioelectrical platform for multiple technology development
  • Biotransformation to reduce cost in chemical manufacturing
  • Syngas conversion and processing  
  • Process monitoring
  • Analytical services



Energy formation is integral part in courses provided to engineering students at all levels. Also tailored formation is possible on demand. Specific Bachelor and Master Projects are available for interested candidates.

Contact person

Dr. Fabian Fischer, fabian.fischer@hevs.ch