Hes-so Valais

Smart Cities

Cities are centres of economic activities with a high population density that represent approx. 70 % of Switzerland’s energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions. The national energy strategy is focused on energy savings and energy efficiency. Concrete solutions are therefore needed to reduce demand and to increase the use of energy sources in the urban environment.

Smart Cities aims at offering such solutions:

  • based on an integrated approach, which optimally combines energy production, distribution, storage and demand, and different energy vectors such as heat, cold, electricity and gas,
  • using information technologies for planning, designing and managing these integrated solutions in order to facilitate the cooperation between specialists from different fields and the interaction between technological components,
  • through the development of technological components that are suitable for the urban context and that enable the decentralised production and storage of thermal and electric energy which can then be fed into urban distribution networks.

The HES-SO Valais-Wallis carries out research in the field of energy (e.g. the Smart Heat Design project for urban thermal systems, the SEMIAH (FP7) project or the Agriflex project for urban electric systems). Through its degree programme Energy and Environmental Engineering, it also offers training in this field.

It uses GridLab, its full-scale experimental platform, to simulate energy systems, to manage and analyse databases, to monitor and manage interconnected systems and to develop electrical and thermal components.

Contact person 

Jessen Page, jessen.page@hevs.ch