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VIVRE – BREF 2017 «Soziale Innovation»

VIVRE — Vaud Integration Vulnerabilites REsponses — est un projet interdisciplinaire visant à aider les migrants nouvellement installés sur le canton de Vaud à faire face à trois facteurs majeurs de vulnérabilité dans leur processus d’intégration: – l’accès à la "bonne information" par rapport à leur situation spécifique, – la faiblesse la faiblesse de leur capital social de rapprochement avec le monde économique, social et de la formation professionnelle, et – le partage des expériences en termes de "best practices" en matière d’intégration socioprofessionnelle entre les primo-arrivants VIVRE vise à offrir des éléments de réponses à ces trois facteurs de vulnérabilité par – le développement de la première plateforme suisse personnalisée visant à permettre aux personnes concernées d’accéder de manière simple, rapide et ciblée à la « bonne information » pour soi par un matching en temps réel des informations disponibles avec leur situation personnelle, – la mise sur pied d’une communauté de pratiques leur permettant d’échanger et partager leurs expériences et développer du know-how en matière d’intégration socioprofessionnelle, et – la création d’opportunités de formation, de stages et d’emploi offertes par les partenaires du monde économique, social et académique associés au projet.

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LINDAS Linked Data Service is a server for Linked Open Data from Swiss authorities. The LINDAS service is a prototype. It was developed in 2015 by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and has been operated by the Federal Archives since the start of 2017.

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Trusty Diet

This project focuses on public health issue related to processed food (high percentage of sugar, salt, fat, additives, etc.). The data we use to make decision must be verified before being used. Unfortunately verifying all data is expensive and sometimes even impossible when dealing with big data, thus a methodology for automatically verifying the data is essential. By making use of the verified data we plan to develop a system that can suggest users about their daily diets by providing recipes which contains healthier ingredients. In order to implement our idea, there are four main tasks to be completed: a) integrating various datasets about food; b) evaluating the trustworthiness of the integrated data in order to provide only reliable ones to our system; c) providing a system that is able to propose recipes to people depending on their needs; d) providing users with tools to interact with the system.

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AOptimA : A semantic-based decision support system for prediction and optimization of purchases in pharmaceutical distribution

The market for medicines and parapharmacy is composed of many intermediary actors. Currently, information about the best trading conditions on the market is very difficult to access, hence pharmacies do not have a way of comparing their direct purchases. This project aims to create a decision support system for pharmacies in order to reduce their procurement costs and thus lower product prices that could in the end benefit for the patient. One important objective is to integrate and analyze the natural multilingual text from different formats and sources. Relying on semantic technologies, we transposed the complexity of current processes into a central system capable of managing the heterogeneity and large volume of information sources to ensure the velocity of the information system. The use of ontologies made it possible to determine unambiguously the nature of the links between the different data, and to build our own knowledge bases for sharing and reusing them later. Meanwhile, our semantic search engine allowed users to provide the synonyms based on the contextual meaning of words, it improved the search accuracy, and generated more relevant results.

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SamProC - Sample Process Creator

Based upon the long term Swiss E-Government strategy (E-Government-Strategie Schweiz, 2007), several projects have been launched by the HES-SO to enable public administrations to use the benefits of...

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New trends of Chinese Consumers in Switzerland: A Social Media Platform Analysis Based on Linked Data

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