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Smart HR

Smart HR is a project initiative by IPKeys with the collaboration of the Dude-Lab

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AMICAL: Assisted machine learning Model Improvement using Customer Active Learning Positioning the RCSO ISNet as a key factor in the usage of active learning process to improve machine learning performances by transferring human expertise to the machine (Human-Machine-Human Interaction)

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Swisstube is a company that produce metallic tubes. But to enable the production of medical, aeronotical tube, that require nm precision and thin walls, the complexity of such a process is difficult.

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Repic Burkina Microgrid

With an electrification rate of 19% composed of 65% thermal energy and less than 2% renewable energy, although solar energy is present for more than 2800h/a In Burkina Faso, the country faces significant energy challenges. Rural areas remote from the urban electricity grid are particularly affected with about 2% access to electricity.

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The mobile application "Energy Coach"

Swiss Energy Tour

For the "Swiss Energy Tour" planned by the foundation "Big Effects", a new collaboration started. The goal of this project is the development of a mobile application to promote ecological solutions for everybody. The development of this application is done with "tokiwi-services" and will be ready for the first show in Lausanne, in March 2017.

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The ENTROPY project aims to design and deploy an innovative IT ecosystem targeting at improving energy efficiency through consumers understanding, engagement and behavioral changes.

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