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A new "season" is starting for the main option Event Management (3rd year specialization course) of the Bachelor in Tourism ! One of the projects on which the students of the option have started to work is in line with the orientation chosen for the Tourism degree programme, which places sustainability at the center of the reflections: it is a "sustainable" event project, realized for the Skibroa Association, located in Verbier. 

Active primarily in the recycling of ski equipment, the association wishes to raise awareness among visitors and skiers to their cause, in particular by proposing ideas for "second life" for their equipment: fittings, decoration, exhibitions. It also organizes an annual event, in the heart of the resort during the summer, with the aim of inviting visitors to share the sustainable, cultural and social values of the association. 

The project team, made up of 5 students (on the picture: Aude-Aline, Léandra, Morgane, Jessica and Lydia) aims to conceptualize a brand new event for the summer of 2023. This event will contribute to improve the visibility of the association and its multiple actions. Raising the awareness of the Swiss public to upcycling actions is a priority and the event will undoubtedly be an ambitious and promising edition for the whole destination. 

Developments and more information on this event to follow in the course of the semester...


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