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Véronique Amstutz
Monday 21 October 2019 14:10

At the recent European Symposium on Biodegradable Polymers (ESBP2019), which was held in Straubing (Germany), Véronique Amstutz of the Institute of Life Technologies won the Best Poster Award. Her project focused on the use of hydrogen, oxygen and CO2 as nutrients for the bacterial bioplastic synthesis and the use of valeric acids as additional carbon source to modify the plastic properties. Florian Miserez, Julien Pott and Manfred Zinn of the Institute of Life Technologies also collaborated on this project.

Original title of her project: Use of carbon dioxide and valeric acid as co-substrates for the production of poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate)

The HEI is delighted with this success and congratulates Véronique Amstutz and her team.

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