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Since 1986, a trusted partner

Since 1986, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis's Continuing Education in Computer Science offers courses for individuals, companies and public authorities: programming, office automation, internet, social networks, webmaster, etc. Private, group or à la carte courses, we also offer certification training such as the Webmaster Certificate

An essential and certifying training: Webmaster certificate

This training is given over a school year (two evenings per week and Saturday morning) and is aimed at all those who wish to learn the various current Web techniques. At the end of the different modules, students are ready to design, create and manage a dynamic, efficient and attractive website.

From now on, all companies, even the smallest, must be present on the Internet. The creation of websites remains expensive, especially in terms of maintenance. The market lacks people capable of developing and managing medium-sized websites. Anyone with a solid basic training as a user of microcomputer products and motivated by learning current Web techniques can enroll.

The strong points of the training

This complete training opens the doors to the world of Web site development and administration. The subjects will include project management, HTML page creation, Web server and database management, and PHP programming. A large part is also dedicated to graphic design and the mastery of standard tools for creating images, illustrations or multimedia content (WebDesigner), as well as accessibility. The program is very complete and divided into distinct modules. 

The notions acquired during the training

- Basic knowledge of the use of the Internet

- Understanding of the tools available and necessary for the creation of documents in HTML language

- Knowledge of the architecture and operation of networks

- Ability to set up, configure and manage a Web server

- Ability to set up the modeling of a relational database

- Knowledge of project and client management

- Essential knowledge of graphic design and mastery of standard illustration creation tools

- Knowledge of the PHP programming language


Practical information

From September 13, 2022 to July 1, 2023

Program details




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