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Health Advisor / Conseiller - Conseillère Santé

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Les Roches is a leading hospitality school in Switzerland located in a fantastic environment with magnificent views of the Swiss Alps. Les Roches campus in Switzerland has evolved from a small family owned vocational school established in 1954, to an international hospitality management school, while maintaining its family spirit and friendly environment. This is the place where innovation, entrepreneurship and global mindset come together. Our campus in Bluche is truly international, with around 250 employees and more than 1000 students from all over the world. We are proud to employ some of the leading experts in their fields, and we are always looking to strengthen our team.

Purpose As a member of the Health & Wellbeing Department, the Health Advisor contributes to: - Enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting a healthy and safe environment and facilitating the resolution of health concerns which create barriers to learning (for ex. Absenteeism). - Perform basic first aid interventions, in case of medical emergencies on campus. - Collect medical information for monitoring purpose and ensure the respect of medical secrecy and confidentiality. - Collaborate with community resources, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote communication through health counselling and information. Key responsibilities General health advice and check-up on-site - Provide general health advice and basic guidance to students and, if necessary, direct them to external health providers. - Initial screening of general health and wellbeing through basic health check-up. - Conduct campus room visits for students who cannot visit the infirmary. - Provide basic treatment to students and/or guide the students on location of pharmacies in the area. - Comply with relevant professional confidentiality requirements. First Aid - Provide basic first aid assistance to students, staff or visitors on campus (cuts and other minor issues). - In case of an emergency or more severe cases, inform the relevant staff members (nurses, security) for emergency follow-up. Tracking, recording and sharing of student health related cases - Take relevant notes of all consultations and health advice in a timely and professional manner. - Share student case information with and escalate to other members of the health & wellbeing team, security (on need-to-know basis) and Dean of Students (or delegate), where appropriate whilst respecting confidentiality where needed. Facilitation of referrals and appointments - When required, assist students in arranging appointments with and/or facilitate referrals to external professionals. - Where necessary share relevant health information with external partners such as medical doctors, hospitals, etc. Desired Skills and Experience - Education: nurse background or equivalent qualification. - Health related work experience (at least 5 years). - Experience with young adults in a multicultural environment. - Strong spoken and written English and conversational French. - Apt in dealing with diversity in a team setting. - Patient and service oriented. - Pro-active, flexible and empathetic personality. - Strong communication skills and enthusiasm for working in a collaborative team. - IT skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, lotus notes. - Good administrative and organisational skills. To apply: www.sommet-education.co

Email: hr.lrb@sommet-education.com