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Stage - Space Greenhouse Scientist


At ESTEE, researchers are working on synergies between Bioregenerative Life Support Systems (BLSS) developed for human space exploration and associated Earth-based applications, focusing on the development of innovative products that make efficient BLSS globally available. The main objective of the project is to optimize and monitor an artificial environment for crop production relying on recycling of waste to produce oxygen, water and food utilizing a combination of waste processing compartments. A second objective is to monitor a phytodepuration system used both for wastewater treatment and crop production.

The Space Greenhouse internship project objectives are as follows: • To actively participate in the monitoring and optimization of a greenhouse for crop production and a phytodepuration unit; • To generate optimum test lines of crop cultivars on different growth media and environments; • To characterize plant response(s) to deficiency/toxicity symptoms due to exposure to macro/microelements or pollutants; • To characterize the efficiency of the phytodepuration unit and to contribute to its efficiency and design improvements; • To work on hydroponic culture systems with different types of nutrient solution compositions and design an optimal growth medium for plant production operating in terrestrial or extraterrestrial environments with confined space and resources; • To monitor plant pathology and mineral deficiency symptoms, and to screen root nutrient uptake, nutrient dynamics, mineral interactions in plant-soil-hydroponic systems under controlled conditions

Email: vincent.ledaheron@est2e.com