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Planification des vols écologiques, économiqueset sûre grâce aux données météos temps réelles


ANP aims to develop a mobile application in the domain of aeronautics to automatically plan energy efficient flights in 3D. The route will be computed in realtime on mobile devices using constraints as weather forecast, airspace restriction, terrain avoidance, airport restrictions, etc. The final product will improve the overall flight planning phase.

The role of SI-Lab is to support the developing of this new mobile applications, by making sure the software on the mobile devices is implemented in a way to avoid the waste of energy. Batterie power is limited, while solving routing problems in the flight planning is computational intensive but also mission critical during a longer journey. Thus profiling the code of the mobile application to identify means to save energy, while providing navigation services is key, in particular as the connection to the network can vary, and computation and communications costs (in terms of energy) can vary during the flight.


Start 11 / 2014
End 04 / 2015
Funding CTI