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The FAIRTRACE project aims at creating and deploying an Semantic Web based Information System that allows tracking the path followed by a textile product throughout the manufacturing chain, from cultivation of raw material to the final product.


The main impact of FairTrace is the promotion into the market of clean products that meet the social and environmental ethics and the provision of this information in real time to the end consumer who wishes to verify the origin of a product and the conditions under which it was manufactured. 

The Institute of Business Information Systems is developing three types of application:

  • Mobile applications for data acquisition on the ground in the textile industries;
  • Applications for managing traceability data by operators, with the possibility of advanced queries;
  • Mobile applications for the consumer.

The main innovations of the project can be summarized in three levels:

  • An intelligent server that correlates heterogeneous data using Semantic Web technology;
  • The development of methods of data mining to perform advanced queries;
  • The development of Web based mobile applications for Smartphone acquisition of field data.

The project has been successfully deployed in a textile industry in India, to test the feasibility of the prototype.

To protect the Fairtrace knowledge, a generic patent has been deposited. "Procédé d’édition de formulaires pour la saisie de données en différents points de collecte." The patent describes a procedure that uses Semantic Web technologies to gather traçability data through mobile applications.

Publications concerning this project are available on