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In order to support the acquisition and preservation of research data in health science studies and related projects, we propose introducing REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), a web and mobile application designed for building and managing online surveys. This would be deployed as a common platform for supporting the data acquisition and storage of medical research data for the whole HES-SO affiliated institutes and schools in Switzerland.

Such a service would allow simplifying the data capture process, and help standardizing the workflow in health research projects, in such a way that the data lifecycle management can be reliable and secure.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative, we plan to run pilot projects at HES-SO Valais, which would allow us to identify potential issues and adapt to requirements and needs of researchers in this area.

Furthermore, for the long term, we will set the foundations of an HES-SO service entity ensuring the coaching of researchers for data acquisition (methodological support, writing of protocols for ethical committees, software for data acquisition, support in statistical evaluation, etc.).

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