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MSID - Distributed Intelligent MicroStorage wants to design a bidirectional integrated product that manages decentralized energy storage via lithium batteries that are compatible with distributor protocols (GRD).


Individuals and DSOs will benefit from a bidirectional optimization system for consumption/production. The system will include a display box allowing the owner to change the local settings (bidirectional interaction with the end user). The system will require a double intelligence: a first one centralized at the DSO and a second one local in the house. The DSOs will have access to a new network stabilisation tool thanks to the remote control of batteries and the collection of production and consumption data. MSID will optimize the sizing of the networks and promote the development of photovoltaics.

Leclanché specializes in the production of batteries that specifically address this type of need. Indeed, Leclanché batteries are ideal for this type of application because they allow a very short charging and discharging time of the battery (recharge and discharge 100% in 1 hour), and for the IS industrial range (IS-25 for example) based on Li-Ion Titanate technology with a much higher number of cycles than the competition batteries.