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In Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the correctness of results does not solely depend on the correctness of the delivered value. It also depends on the time taken to deliver such result. In the last decade, the Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) approach addressed distributed problem-solving, mainly focusing on optimal solutions and reasoning "about'' but not "on" time (essential in safety-critical applications).

MAS behavior is highly dynamical, therefore impossible to predict a priori. Hence, we have realized SEAMLESS, a simulator supporting the in-depth design and analysis of MAS time reliability. In particular, SEAMLESS allows to: 
(i) generate, simulate, and analyze MAS behavior for general-purpose and safety-critical scenarios, (ii) provide detailed reports to study the timing-compliance of each MAS element.

Time and system-related performance indexes generated by SEAMLESS enable the analysis for identifying situations and factors compromising the system reliability (i.e., system compliance with strict timing constraints).  Every simulated setup/scenario is stored and made accessible for further tuning and investigation.