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Semantic Low-code Programming Tools for Edge Intelligence


Funding Agency: Horizon Europe

Duration: 2022-2025

Partners: CNIT, TU Berlin, Aalto University, University of Oxford, University of Fribourg, CEFRIEL, Siemens, Bosch, Conveqs, W3C, IMC, DELL, Mellanox, Fraunhofer FOKUS.

SMARTEDGE is a European project on semantic low-code programming tools for edge intelligence, with use cases in manufacturing, automotive, city traffic, and healthcare.

The SMARTEDGE project aims to achieve dynamic integration of decentralized edge intelligence while prioritizing reliability, security, privacy, and scalability. This will be realized through a semantic-based interplay of edge devices in a cross-layer toolchain, allowing seamless and real-time distribution of autonomous intelligence swarms. By leveraging low-latency connectivity, the project enables the development of applications that distribute processing, data fusion, and control across diverse sensors, devices, and edges.To accomplish these objectives, the SMARTEDGE solution will include a low-code tool programming environment with three main tools:

  1. Continuous Semantic Integration (CSI) – Ensuring interaction with devices through a standardized semantic interface, employing continuous conversion based on declarative mappings scalable from edge to cloud, and enabling a declarative approach to create and orchestrate apps based on swarm intelligence.
  2. Dynamic Swarm Network (DSW) – Facilitating automatic discovery and dynamic network swarm formation in near real-time, utilizing hardware-accelerated in-network operations for context-aware swarm networking, and embedding network security.
  3. Low-code Toolchain for Edge Intelligence – Providing semantic-driven multimodal stream fusion for Edge devices, enabling swarm elasticity via Edge-Cloud Interplay, offering adaptive coordination and optimization, and implementing a cross-layer toolchain for the Device-Edge-Cloud Continuum.


  • 01.2023: Kick-off. Successful start of the SmartEdge project with a F2F meeting in Pisa!

  • 05.2023: Plenary in Berlin. 2nd plenary meeting in Berlin

  • 06.2023: DEBS 2023. Banani Anuraj presents her work on swarms of edge devices at DEBS 2023 in Neuchâtel.


  • Banani Anuraj. 2023. Agent-based Orchestration on a Swarm of Edge Devices. In Proceedings of the 17th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems (DEBS '23). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 199–202.