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Profession and Organisations

Social work is a profession based on theoretical and practical knowledge, intervention methods, and values that guide its actions. The Centre of excellence Profession and Organisations develops theory and research about the interdepency between social work practice and the state, para-state and private organisations within which Social Work is done. Due to the vast number and diversity of the entities and areas involved, and the changing relationships with other professions and disciplines, the unity, theoretical foundation and disciplinary autonomy of social work and its practice are constantly being questione.

The work of the Centre of Excellence for Profession and Organisations focuses on the following themes:

  • Professional practice and its plurality, mechanisms and issues;
  • Organisations and their impact on the forms of work, as well as on the use of instruments and methods of intervention;
  • The development of the autonomy and ability to act of social work communities (beneficiaries, local communities, etc.), as well as social and cultural participation;
  • New practices and methods for social work in relation to social innovation processes and outcomes;
  • Linking various types of expertise and legitimation in intra- and inter-institutional collaboration, as well as the positioning of social workers;
  • The collaboration and competition with other professions at the boundaries of social work;
  • Social workers’ career paths. 

Examples of studies and actions carried out: child and adult protection, occupational integration of vulnerable persons, social assistance and social insurance, work in psychiatric settings, as well as street and community work.