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Institute of research Entrepreneurship & Management

Based on key values such as creativity, responsibility and sustainability, the Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (IEM) offers open and collaborative innovation spaces. It works as a regional catalyzer to reinforce innovation capacity and increase local business competitiveness. About twenty team-members work for the institute.

IEM reaches its objectives mainly by:

  • offering unique and integrated education programs recognized at the regional and even national level;
  • fostering the transfer and exchange of know-how among local stakeholders;
  • carrying out applied research projects in cooperation with economic and institutional partners;

Research orientations:

  • innovation management (business models, open innovation, service design)
  • human capital management /human resource management (entrepreneurship, coaching, leadership)
  • performance management (marketing, energy management)



About twenty professors from various fields and researchers (economists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists., coaches) work at the institute. You can find the complete list of team members together with their details in the directory.

Head of the institute

 Antoine Perruchoud
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