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The Institute of Information Systems participates in various applied research projects on local, national and international level. We are your preferred partner for the development of performing information systems for any industry. 

Continuing education in IT

The Institute of Information Systems oversees the continuing education programmes in information technology, which include courses on office automation software, the use of the internet, programming and multimedia.




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The research in eEnergy carried out by the Institute of  Information systems is part of the broader issue of intelligent energy management. The Institute develops information systems capable of interacting with devices that provide energy production and consumption data in view of improving the daily management of energy consumption.




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Our eGovernment specialists develop information systems for public administrations. The eGovernment standards of the Swiss Confederation require expertise and specific skills. The exchange of data is possible thanks to the new technologies and web platforms.

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The internet has completely changed health care practices. Patients search for information online and health practitioners have changed their approach. Against this background, the Institute carries out several eHealth projects aimed at improving the services offered, i.e. aspects such as reliability of information, user friendliness and risk prevention.




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The Institute of Information Systems offers advice on the choice of business process management systems, the development of process repositories and the setting up of BPM centres of excellence to private enterprises and public administrations.




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The Institute of Information Systems works in promising, high value-added areas. Our general focus is on the digitisation of services (eLearning, eTourism,...). New information and communication technologies and software are omnipresent in our daily lives. Our job is to develop innovative and useful services. The Institute manages Cyberlearn, the eLearning Centre of the HES-SO.






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