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Software engineering

First and foremost, our job is to develop useful software for local and international companies. Our research teams have complementary skills and experiences (engineering and academic), which is essential for the successful development of innovative...

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Semantic web - Linked Data

The Semantic Web (Web of data) considers the web as a big knowledge source, evolving from the current web of connected documents to a web of connected data and knowledge. Its knowledge representation (ontologies) allows to identify data...

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Medical Information Processing

Radiography, patient files, diagnosis… the health sector generates extraordinary medical data! This information and especially the information exchange between players in this field can be managed using information technology. Decision-aid tools are...

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Internet of Things

Everyday objects such as mobile phones, watches, radios, blinds, solar panels are nowadays connected to the Internet. This evolution gives way to the development of innovative applications that make our lives easier, for example an intelligent diary...

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Intelligents agents

We use intelligent techniques for solving practical problems, mainly in eHealth. We use a bottom-up methodology, starting from real requirements and trying to find the best available techniques to solve them. Based on this experience, we define...

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Ergonomics, Usability

User experience is a major challenge for new IT systems. Senses such as touch, speech and gesture are progressively integrated into our IT devices and screens are given unexpected shapes (e.g. lenses). The next step is to develop services and...

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