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From 14-05-2021 to 14-05-2021

Agricathon 2021

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Agricathon 2021
Agricathon 2021

The HES-SO Valais-Wallis, in partnership with Agridea (Swiss Association for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas), will organise a hackathon on the theme of agriculture on Friday 14 May 2021 at the Techno-Pôle de Sierre.

This one-day interdisciplinary event bring together agricultural professionals, computer scientists, economists, designers and other curious people interested in collaborating in the production of prototypes of innovative agricultural tools and services.


  1. Register on : soon

  2. Define your role (project leader, developer, designer, mentor, agricultural professional, economist, sponsor/partner, staff)

  3. Submit or view challenges on the platform: link available soon

  4. Participate in the Agricathon on May 14th at the Techno-Pôle de Sierre

List of challenges/projects developed

Each participant was free to propose his or her challenges, as a full/partial team or as an individual, prior to the event on the platform or at its launch on May 15 in the early morning. If the challenge was selected, it was transformed into a project and developed during the day.


Salle Electra (carte)
Techno-Pôle 10, rez-de-chaussée
3960 Sierre


08:00 Accueil des participants dans l'Espace Mérope
08:30 Introduction
09:00 Génération d'idées & Formation des groupes
09:30 Travail en groupe
12:30 Repas
13:30 Travail en groupe
16:00 Présentation intermédiaire (facultative)
19:00 Repas
19:30 Travail en groupe
23:00 Présentation des résultats
24:00 Clôture


Partners of the event