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The Institute of Information Systems participates in various applied research projects on local, national and international level. We are your preferred partner for the development of performing information systems for any industry.

Smart HR

Smart HR is a project initiative by IPKeys with the collaboration of the Dude-Lab

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Traceable Original Journalistic Content (TOJC)

In a digital environment where each individual can generate information, it becomes crucial to be able to identify and authenticate original content produced by journalists in order to differentiate and promote it, and thus disseminate high-quality information which is both traceable and distinguishable from fake news.

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SAMS, for Source, Author, Message, Spelling is a user-friendly responsive web application for fact-checking currently undergoing development to take it past the prototype stage.

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Surprise du Cerveau

The AppiTech Lab participated to the success of the public VR conference “Les surprises du cerveau” organized in the framework of the WorldXRForum 2019 in Crans-Montana. Our main task was to synchronise 386 VR headsets (Samsung Gear VR) to play VR content created by the Italian company Immersio. As result, all attendees were able to navigate inside a virtual brain simultaneously with live explanation.

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Swisstube is a company that produce metallic tubes. But to enable the production of medical, aeronotical tube, that require nm precision and thin walls, the complexity of such a process is difficult.

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Blockchain for EV management

Optimization of the management of charging stations of EVs within an existing network of 10 hotels of Val d’Hérens (Wallis) by exploiting the flexibility of EVs in order to minimize their impact on...

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ExaMode: Extreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement

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AMICAL: Assisted machine learning Model Improvement using Customer Active Learning Positioning the RCSO ISNet as a key factor in the usage of active learning process to improve machine learning performances by transferring human expertise to the machine (Human-Machine-Human Interaction)

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