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Année de réalisation : 2011

The Institute participates in IoT6, a European research project on the future Internet of Things. A dozen of industrial and academic partners work on how the new standard IPv6 can improve the Internet of Things.

One of the fields of research of the Internet of Things covers the communication between different systems such as mobile phones, alarm clocks, coffee makers, electric meters, solar panels, blinds and even lighting, which are parts of our daily lives. Currently, communication between these systems and the Internet is rather difficult. The challenge will be to link them to ensure they can understand each other and communicate coherently. 

Compared to its predecessor IPv4, the IPv6 standard offers many additional functions. The objective of this project is to use these new opportunities for the Internet of Things and to apply them to various fields such as intelligent energy management, eHealth or mobile networks.

The Institute of Business Information Systems will be working on the processing of information from the different connected devices to enable them to communicate with each other and, eventually, to provide services for the end user through a graphical and mobile platform.

On a larger scale, IoT6 is part of the Smart Grid issue, i.e. the question of how to make the power grid intelligent. The different devices connected to the system produce, consume or store energy, providing the system with all the information about power consumption. Thanks to this project, the Institute of Business Information Systems continues to hold a key position in the field of energy consumption management.

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