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Research groups

Projects are carried out by research groups of principal investigators and senior research associates. The combination of complementary scientific skills and industry experience generates unique synergies and new possibilities.

Our in-house team of experts, backed by a large network of national and international contacts, if needed, designs and develops smart and efficient solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our partners.

Biotechnology & Sustainable Chemistry

The Biotechnology & Sustainable Chemistry research group has a strong background in biotechnology (pharma, industrial and environmental) and associated analytics. Consequently, the group covers the complete value chain from microbiology, strain engineering, bioprocess development, product isolation & complex analytical characterization to quality control using state of the art methods and equipment. Its members are experienced in conducting complex various projects (corporate & public co-sponsored, European projects, mandates) with industrial as well as academic partners.

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Diagnostic Systems

The Diagnostic Systems research group consolidates in-depth theoretical and practical know-how ranging from areas such immuno-, molecular- and cellular diagnostics, to instrumental analytics and bio-sensor development, as well as compound and phyto extract activity screening. Together with the Institute of Systems Engineering and the Institute of Information Systems our research group conceptualizes, designs and develops innovative automation and miniaturization solutions to bio-analytical challenges.

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Food and Natural Products

Food and Natural Products is a cross disciplinary research group that gets orientation from demands of economy and society. Therefore a holistic view on the agro-food chain and implemented technical concepts will be combined with a focus on three areas of specific expertise: food microbiology and food safety of total food chain; bioactive compounds and health; processing of food and natural products.

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Peptide and Protein Technologies

The Peptide and Protein Technologies (P2T) research group focuses mainly in the discovery and the optimization of peptides and proteins, for therapeutic, diagnostic and food applications. The P2T team offers to industry and research institutes a value chain that includes the development, the characterization, and the production of peptides and proteins. The team members are experts mainly in the fields of virology, peptide synthesis, peptidic transporters, peptide conjugates, assay development, recombinant technologies and bio-analytics.

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